Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this is right for me?

We focus on helping good people who would like to own their own home and who may not qualify for a mortgage today for various reasons. If you have bruised credit, are self-employed, divorced, bankrupt, or are in a consumer proposal, this program can work for you.

How do I get started?

Please contact us.   We will work with you to design a program specific to your needs.

How do I qualify?

You will be asked for similar qualification documents as those requested by a bank, however our qualification process focuses on your present and future financial situations rather than those of the past. It is recommended to have a 5% option payment and you must be able to make the monthly lease payments.

How do I find my home?

Once you are approved, our top team of realtors will assist you in finding the best home available that fits your needs. It will be important to stay within your qualified budget and we can help by informing you of the actual monthly lease cost of each home. You can choose from either an existing home or a new build.

To what extent am I involved?

You work with our realtors to find a home that works for you.  Once your home is found, you will be involved in the complete process including undergoing a professional home inspection and determining possession dates, offer amounts, and all of the conditions of the offer.

When do I have to make my option payment?

Once the offer is accepted, the lease must be signed and the option payment must be received within 2 working days. Then the process of condition removal will be completed.

Are property taxes and fire insurance included in my monthly payment?

Yes, we include both property tax and insurance in your monthly payment and both are handled under our name. You are required to maintain tenant insurance.

Who is responsible for the costs of the up keep and improvements of the home?

You will be responsible for any maintenance or improvements that the home requires. You have the flexibility to make approved renovations or changes that you would like.

How do I get my own mortgage?

Work with our team of mortgage professionals to improve your credit score.

What happens if I can’t get my own mortgage by the end of the lease?

There are a few options in this situation. If you still want to live in that home, you can extend the lease to own program agreement. If you’d like to move, we can sell the house and any equity above the option price minus selling costs will be yours. There may also be enough equity to qualify for private financing. We will help you explore all possibilities well in advance of the end of the lease to find the right solution for you.