Lease To Own Program

The Program

When you rent a home, you make monthly payments but only your landlord benefits from any equity increases in the home. Our unique lease to own program is designed to allow those who do not qualify for a mortgage today to establish themselves in their own home and start building their equity.

With our program, we look for the people before the home. It is not about selling houses or finding tenants, but finding good people who had some past financial problems that are continuing to affect their current lives. Once we find and qualify these people, they work with our team to choose their home and begin to build their equity.

Based on the purchase price of the home, we calculate the recommended 5% down payment and a fixed monthly lease payment for a 2 to 3-year period.

Our program gives you the flexibility to make renovations or other changes to increase the value of the home. However, it is required that you pick up the cost just like as if it was your own.

You can exercise your option to purchase the property any time during the lease period.

Now helping people in the
Regina, Calgary, Edmonton &
Fort St. John areas

Our Program Works For Those People Who…

  • Have a good, stable income but no credit

  • Have a good, stable income but inadequate credit due to past bankruptcy, lack of employment history, or divorce

  • Find themselves in consumer proposal

  • Are self-employed or an entrepreneur

  • Are new to the province or country

Proud New Homeowners