The experience we have had with Ron and Treks Properties has been wonderful. Right from the our first meeting with Ron, he put us at ease.  We had some financial problems in the past and Ron worked with us when others would not.  We are extremely grateful and appreciative of Ron and for all of his support and help working through the last 3 years.
- Joey & Stacey C


The experience we had with Treks Properties was one that we will forever be grateful for. Ron came into our lives at a stressful time of just having a new baby and needing an upgrade in our living conditions. Treks gave us the chance to move into our new home much sooner than had we been doing it on our own. Over the years that we were leasing the home, we were able to make modifications and changes to make it our own – all things you cannot do while renting other properties. The best part is that five years later, we are now the proud owners of that home and it is simply because of Treks.

Ron was very helpful through the process over the years, he has an excellent support team around him that is available for assistance even after the process was complete, and together they make this huge, life-changing experience seem much less daunting. Treks made the dream of owning a home a reality.
- Jeanine and Steven


Our experience with Treks Properties and Management has been great. We have had some set backs and financial problems in the past and Ron worked with us to find a house that fit our needs and has continued to do everything he can to help us keep this house. We are happy and extremely grateful with Ron for all of his understanding and help when we were going through rough times.
- April and Crispin<


Our experience with Treks Properties and Management has been wonderful. We never thought that we would ever be able to get into a new home, but here we are! Qualifying for the program was straight forward and hassle-free. We filled out the form and sent it in with all the paperwork and had a couple face-to-face meetings with Treks. They were honest, friendly and supplied a lot of information about the program. They were always willing to answer any questions that we had and were determined to satisfy our needs. When we started looking for a house it was exciting as we were able to pick out our own home which not many rent to own companies have that option. It was great! We ended up picking a brand new just built home and it was amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better house! There is a lot of work with a new home, finishing the yard but to us it has been worth it and we could never have done it without the help of Treks Properties and Management! We would definitely recommend to friends and family who have credit issues and wanting to improve their situation on purchasing a new or used home. Thanks Treks (Marty & Ron) for making our dreams possible!
- Melissa


As a welder pipefitter I moved a lot but when I came to Saskatchewan I wanted to settle into a home. Knowing I had bad credit I came across the website of Treks Properties and started the process. I found a great home 3 years ago and was allowed to fix it up just the way I wanted. They helped get my credit back, which allowed me to buy my beautiful home July 2014. I thank you for giving me a new start, it has changed my life.
- Paul


I wanted to thank you again for everything, The house is beautiful and you have allowed us to be able to build our credit and still be able to live in such a nice house. I can’t thank you enough.
- Tricia and William

Happy couple